US Conference of Mayors Opposes 5G & Considers suing FCC

This is the full article from Statement of US Mayors

LOCAL OFFICIALS MULL SUING FCC — National organizations representing municipalities are rebelling against FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr’s plan to streamline the deployment of the 5G wireless infrastructure known as small cells. The proposal, set for a Sept. 26 vote, would preempt local government authority, a measure of run-around that wireless giants like AT&T and Verizon say may be necessary for 5G deployment given delays they face at the local level. That doesn’t sit right with the municipal groups, which say the plan amounts to federal overreach that could harm public safety and local governments’ ability to collect vital revenue.

Here is the Politico Article regarding 5G Opposition. You have to scroll half way down the page to read it.

Here is an article from the National Association of Counties Statement oppossing 5G

Carr’s plan is enacted unchanged, the U.S. Conference of Mayors “and its members will seek relief in federal court to overturn this unprecedented overreach,” CEO Tom Cochran said in a statement. The National League of Cities is also opposed and “absolutely” expects litigation to follow, Angelina Panettieri, the league’s principal associate on telecom, told John.