Time of day, time of use pricing can hurt low income persons & those on fixed schedules!

EWEB’s ultimate goal is to implement TIME OF USE (or day) pricing. Yet, in the last two years several ratepayer-owners have spoken at the public input and written letters that they do not agree with this objective.  Many ratepayers are on fixed work schedules as are their children attending school. Many elderly and infirm residents need to live with more rigid schedules than those of independent consultants who could wash their clothes or dishes in the middle of the night.

Analyses in many other areas have indicated that people revert to their normal electricity usage patterns after the novelty wears off.  Individuals with cancer need to have their air conditioning on and are not able to accommodate the vagaries of time of day pricing.

Although EWEB claims that they will not mandate time of day pricing, Sacramento Muni Utility District (SMUD) plans to mandate it in 2018 according to a recent news item.

If one starts to ascend up an escalator of time of day pricing, it will be difficult to turn around and come back down that price escalator.

Other methods can be strategized and put into practice to effect the same goals of time of day pricing – to avoid having to purchase peak . But EWEB at present seems fixated on allowing the next Smart Meter pilot to proceed. The reality is that in Eugene there are VERY FEW days in the year when peaking loads are needed to be purchased.

Why the rush, EWEB?