Testimony to EWEB board by Mariah Leung, 10/1/13

Testimony to EWEB board by Mariah Leung, 10/1/13

I want to make it clear to board tonight that I DO NOT want “Smart Meters” installed on my property.

I am deeply concerned with the surveillance potential and surveillance intentions of these meters.

As our household appliances and electronic devices are progressively replaced with new units designed to communicate with the meters, our household activities will become visible and profiled by EWEB and anyone else who gains access to these data.

Whether I favor the stove or the microwave.  What time we go to bed, get up and shower.  Are we away from home, how often, how regularly, when, and how long.  Do we watch TV, when and what programs.  How many computers and what type we use. What appliances have and haven’t been replaced with new, so-called “smart” varieties?

According to hacking experts, these data cannot be secured.

They can be sold to marketers.

They can be stolen by tech-savvy criminals.

And most threateningly, they can be provided to or taken by government agencies in violation of our 4th Amendment protections against search and seizure without court authorization.

Director of the CIA, General David Petraeus, stated that smart meters will allow the government to spy on its citizens, and it will undoubtedly do so.

I deeply honor the courageous risks and sacrifices of Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden.

We must honor their sacrifices by heeding their warnings about a surveillance state out of our control.

Smart meters are a powerful potential instrument of that state that would allow not only surveillance but control of our central power supplies – communications could be shut down at any time.  If we expect to retain any hope of a free society, we must never allow this.

Testimony to EWEB board by Cindy Allen, 10/1/13

In regards to having an “Indefinite Moratorium” on the smart meter, there is much to be hopeful for this evening.

I’m grateful to the hundreds of opposition groups world-wide.

I’m grateful to the thousands who have shared their negative smart meter comments and experiences on The Internet.  People seem to agree on one thing…they don’t want one and they certainly do not want a “world-wide” smart meter grid with all of its security issues.

I’m grateful to Josh del Sol, the producer of Take Back Your Power.  This 2-year-in- the-making documentary features the former Prime Minister of British Columbia, the state Attorneys General of Illinois and Massachusetts, the former Director of the CIA, several doctors and many others.  Another major film about the “smart meter agenda” is soon to be released.

Here in Eugene, we still have our working analog meters and we don’t have the problems of other areas.

-We are not in the situation as the people in Fountain, Colorado. Citizens obtained signatures to place a recall of the smart meters on their November 2014 ballot.

-We don’t have the class-action lawsuits that California has, or Washington, or British Columbia. Concerns cited include health, security, fires, illegal entry, fraud, etc.  FRAUD: the smart meter is brought in under the “disguise” of saving money but bills go up not down.

Commissioners, in regards to the $26 million smart meter contract, I think you were misled about the benefits but that can no longer be said.  You’ve had time to study the large amount of negative information, you’ve watched the documentary, Take Back Your Power, and you’ve researched the reasons for the class-action lawsuits.

There are so many, many questions and concerns about the smart meter.

One of the major questions that everyone is asking is WHY?…Why this untested technology with it’s obvious flaws is being “PUSHED”…”FORCED” on people who do not want it.