Steps you can take to stop 5G & Wireless Smart Meters

Please call congress about this 5G Bill
There is currently a bill in congress to be debated on Wednesday July 10th, 2019 called S.1611 5G and the Internet of Things. We need to tell them 5G is great for weather satellites being used in outer space. It should not be used here in our neighborhoods. It seems the Telecoms are moving so fast on this, that they do not care about destroying our entire weather forecasting system.

Here is an excellent local article from the Eugene Weekly Guest Viewpoint on 5G from Eben Fodor.

Here is a map showing the 100 5G small cell towers going up in Eugene. Note they are every 6 blocks , north, south, east and west

Note for a more interactive map see our facebook page Better 5G Cell Map on Facebook Note, here you can actually see the names of the streets and intersections. Here to the left is a map showing the 100 5G small cell towers going up in Eugene. Note they are every 6 blocks , north, south, east and west.

Film Documentary from UK on 5G threat to Human Life

Please write your Oregon Reps and Senator to support Bill 3174 which will allow people to keep their analog meters and not be charged an Opt-out fee. Find your legislator in Oregon to write. Here is info on Oregon House Bill 3174.

Come to next City Council open meeting on Second and Fourth Monday of the month and let them know you do not want this! If you want to publicly testify be there before 7 PM.

Another strategy to stop 5G is based on Aesthetic Considerations. Here are examples of the ordinance that was successfully passed in Peteluma, California. 5G_Petaluma_Final Small Cell Tower Agenda Report.pdf
5G_Petaluma_Ordinance 2662 N.C.S. 09102018 Copy
We can urge Eugene to pass something similar by April 15th, 2019.

The City Council also holds public work sessions at 5:30 pm on meeting days as well as most Wednesdays at noon. During work sessions, City staff present on a topic that councilors then discuss. Public hearings — an opportunity for the community to speak about a specific issue prior to the Council taking any legal action — typically occur on the third Monday of each month at 7:30 pm. The meetings are in Harris Hall at 125 E. 8th Street.


Sign Arthur Firstenberg’s international petition

Tell officials to STOP 5G & Smart Meters Now.


Rep. Peter DeFazio…(541) 465-6732, (800) 944-9603 here.
Senator Jeff Merkley… here.
Senator Ron Wyden…(503) 326-7525 here.


EWEB publicly owned utility in Eugene
EWEB Board of Commissioners Email:
Mayor and city council of Eugene

Visit this web site Oregons for Safer Technology. Please also check our websites listed under the resource tab.

Lastly you are invited to our weekly meetings on Fridays at 5 PM listed under events.