Short Summary Video Dangers of 5G & Wireless EMF Radiation

This is an interview with an installer on Microwave Cell Towers from Norway. It is less than 10 minutes but gives you all the basic facts.
Summary Video Dangers of 5G

As an introduction to the dangers of Wireless EMF Radiation please see these two documents created by one of the pioneer researchers in this field in 1999 Arthur Firstenberg
Part One and Part Two. They show the great increase in mortality rates when Wireless technology was initiated.

Another Article From Arthur Firstenberg about 5G

Here are the most important pages scanned from Arthur Firstenberg’s “The Invisible Rainbow” book.


In Depth Article from Arthur Firstenburg’s assistant Claire Edwards about 5G

Brussels Environmental Minister Stops 5G Rollout due to Health Concerns

Hillsboro, California stops Verizon 5G Towers

Senator Patrick Colbeck’s Testimony before US Congress can be seen here.

TSA Employee blows Whistle on 5G Scanners at Airports

To find out more about 5G and the Internet of Things please click this.To see what other communities have been doing to protect themselves from 5G enabled antennas please see under resources tab the My Street My Choice website and the Scientists 4 Wired Technology Website .

Email Eugene City Council that you want a moratorium on 5G and a revised cell ordinance. Ask the City to respect existing ordinance provisions that in some cases have been ignored.

5G is projected as fifth generation communications. It would be part of the projected Internet of Things connecting everything on earth that has an electronic chip in it. Your cell phones, smart meters, your refrigerator, other appliances and all computers+. It uses the Microwave EMF spectrum going from 1 mm wavelength at 300 Gigahertz to 1 cm wavelength at 30 Gigahertz and 10 cm at 3 Gigahertz. Currently the roll-out is planned for 3-78 Gigahertz, but the spectrum goes to 300 Gigahertz. It is the bandwidth used for plane navigation at airports and also by the military for crowd control weapons.

The military plans to develop hyper-sonic weapons if 5G is executed. Saw recent New Yorker article: ‘The Terrifying Potential of the 5G Network: The future of wireless technology holds the promise of total connectivity. But it will also be especially susceptible to cyber attacks and surveillance’  4.26.19 by Sue Halpern New Yorker Article.

See Barrie Trower video: 5G Gigantic Health Hazard.