Letter to Editor Eugene Weekly June 25, 2018

EWEB Needs Customer Oversight

I am grateful to the 11% of the public who voted for me for EWEB Commissioner At-large. My top two recommendations remain:
1. Remove ourselves from EWEB’s financially wasteful and dangerous wireless Smart Meter contract.
2. Require EWEB to test our water for the cancer-causing pesticides 2-4D and Roundup.

I have read EWEB’s 320-page Sensus wireless Smart Meter contract. Clearly EWEB lacks adequate security to ensure we do not get hacked. Wireless systems are very vulnerable, hence banks have non-wireless ethernet cable connections for protection.

Wireless plastic Smart Meters last 2–10 years and produce radiation hazardous to children, seniors, EMR sensitive individuals — versus 40–60 year glass analog meters, with no exorbitant costs or additional security measures needed. Two customers reported having their analog meters removed without permission, which needs to stop immediately!

Second, up-to-date lists of herbicide spraying locations are readily available. Residents should be urine tested to accurately detect Roundup and 2-4D. If toxin is present, we must demand Governor Brown stop this spraying. Please contact EWEB at (541) 685-7000 and require they test our water and stop removing our analog meters. Say no to dangerous Smart Meters.