LA Firefighters Expose Giant Cell Towers as Giant Microwaves Emitters

In Los Angeles the Firefighters have put a stop to the roll-out of an additional 176 cell towers.

See the video here .

Workers saying they are getting injured working on these towers; there are 600,000 cell phone towers in US
they are everywhere – on sides of buildings, water towers, streetlights.

– But Team 10 news found that thousands violate federal rules supposed to keep workers safe.

A San Diego based company has a solution.

They could use a wired system for emergencies, and in bad weather wireless does not work so well one person states.
The best emergency system are old fashioned ham radios which are used in earthquakes around the world for communication.

Note,   the frequency of radio waves is in the 1 – 3 Gigaherz band for both “Smart Meters” and cell phones.