Keep Analog Meter Letter for EWEB, EPUD & Others

Here is another suggestion of a letter you can send to EWEB. It would be best to personally visit them at the Riverfront office and get this letter officially stamped that it was received. Make two copies, giving one to them and keeping one for yourself also stamped.

If you can not get it stamped, please send it return receipt registered to EWEB.
Here are more detailed instructions for you:


If you do not need to do any editing here is the .pdf file:

Here is the no-consent letter and instructions for EPUD folks:


Following is the .docx Document file for you to edit if you are not EPUD or EWEB.
FFSM-LETTER.12.3.18_non consent docx document

Please Be Advised EWEB seems to be sending a letter replying to everyone who gave them a “Notice of Objection and Non-Consent” letter. If you get such a letter, about EWEB’s “Customer Policy”, from them, don’t answer it. FFSM will be providing you with a rebuttal letter that you can send back to EWEB. Check back on our website in the next few weeks to see if it has been posted. We want to get this right so please be patient.

The letter from EWEB starts with This letter is to acknowledge the receipt of the document titled “Notice of Objection and Non-consent”… It will be signed by somebody in AMS Services.

Here is a copy of that letter from EWEB: Customer Policy Letter page 1 & EWEB Customer Policy Letter page 2

Here is a letter you can send in response EWEB Rebuttal Letter If You Have An Analog Meter
This is for sending if you already have a Smart Meter
EWEB Rebuttal Letter-If You Have a Smart Meter
Finally, here are two letters delivered and read to the City Council in April 2019 at their Public Forum by Abraham Likwornik. Abraham’s speach city council 4_15_19

Eugene City Council-Notice of Ultra Vires