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View Paul Dart, M.D., Eugene, OR, presentation to EWEB Board and public 7.23.13


Here is the web site for the presentation by Paul Dart, M.D., 7.23.13 to Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) in Eugene, OR, also attended by members of the public and some EWEB staff.

Learn significant findings about increased breast and other cancers, lowered sperm count, attrition of baby birds and other conclusions from studies done mainly outside the USA of effects from cell phone towers… and cell phones.

Microwaves/Radio Frequency would be increased by the use of WIRELESS smart meters.

Write to EWEB at Commissioners@EWEB.org to tell them to put a moratorium on wireless smart meters.

Dr. Paul Dart seems to think in his presentation that the technology could be modified to emit

fewer transmissions – but would the ultimate objective of Time of Day pricing be achieved in this

scenario?   Families for SAFE Meters has consensed that we do not want smart meters – period!

Nor do we want time of day pricing – which apparently SMUD in CA is considering making mandatory by 2018.