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Testimony to EWEB board by Jack Dresser, Ph.D., 10/1/1

Testimony to EWEB board by Jack Dresser, Ph.D., 10/1/13

I’ve reviewed the 13-page September 24 memorandum distributed by Mr. Gray to the board in preparation for tonight’s meeting.  It almost exclusively addresses the “business case” that was first approved over 3 years ago.

I’m not concerned with your business model, which in your own words, “focuses almost solely on ‘hard’ tactical benefits and meter reading operational efficiency” meaning layoff of your meter readers and servicing staff.

The memorandum refers only casually and dismissively to our concerns with “RF and other alleged issues raised by smart meters.”  Throughout  its 13 pages, there are only 10 lines of reference to these “alleged” issues, which reflect nothing more than token, minimally obligatory lip service but no serious consideration given by the board to any of these concerns.

There is no mention of RF radiation and DNA damage.  The words “World Health Organization” or “American Academy of Environmental Medicine” or “precautionary principle” do not appear.

There is no mention of vulnerability to hacking and statements by cybersecurity experts that the smart meter and grid technology cannot be secured.

There is no mention of privacy invasion violating our 4th Amendment protections and the statement by CIA director David Petraeus that the government is likely to use smart meters to spy on US citizens.

There is no mention of the lawsuits proliferating worldwide against RF-transmitting technology, including two large class-action smart meter lawsuits in California against So. Calif. Edison and PG&E charging fraud and deceit, negligence, and product liability.  The potentially ruinous costs of these probable lawsuits is not included in your cost projections.

We owner/ratepayers and future courts will clearly see from your paper trail that EWEB has failed in its fiduciary and due diligence duties to fully inform and protect the rights of the public it serves, exposing EWEB and the resources of its owner/ratepayers to similar litigation and its costs.

The questions of biological harm, compromised security, 4th Amendment violations of privacy, and financial liability will be decided in future courtrooms should you recklessly proceed with this ill-advised project.

The opt-in alternative resolves some of these problems but by no means all of them.