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Proven Dangers of Radio-Frequency/Microwave Radiation from Wi-Fi, Smart Meters and Cell Phone Towers

Proven Dangers of Radio-Frequency/Microwave Radiation from WiFi, Smart Meters and Cell Phone Towers


Prof. Olle Johansson on WiFi in Schools: Irreversible Sterility in Future Generations (August, 2013)


The Cooking of Humanity – Barrie Trower, England, 10.2013 interview in Portland, OR


New Barrie Trower WiFi Report: Humanity At The Brink

As stated by University Researchers, Government Scientists and International Scientific Advisors, a minimum of 57.7% of schoolgirls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (Wi-Fi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, foetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children, when they give birth. Any genetic damage may pass to successive generations. — nexusnow.info/forum/showthread.php?14473-Barrie-Trower-WiFi-Report–humanity-at-the-brink

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Scientist (9.29.13)

(CSIRO) Australia’s national science agency scientist won compensation for crippling headaches, nausea and

dizziness and pain caused by using Wi-Fi and computers at work. — http://www.news.com.au/technology/csiroscientist-


Harvard Doctor Warns About Wi Fi In Schools (Feb. 8 Letter to L.A. Unified School District)

Dr. Martha R. Herbert of the Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital has written a powerful letter with a clear message to a US school division considering installing WiFi in schools. Every parent, grandparent, teacher, school administrator, school board trustee and others working in the school system needs to read this letter. — www.c4st.org/news/item/scientific-research/harvard-doctor-warns-about-wi-fi-in-schools.html

SAFE SCHOOLS 2012 — Medical and Scientific Experts Call for Safe Technologies in Schools

(6.25.12 —  Comprehensive Overview) — http://wifiinschools.org.uk/resources/safeschools2012.pdf

France: The Precautionary Principle Soon to be Applied in Schools


American Academy of Environmental Medicine — Open Letter to Superintendents of US School

Districts (May 13, 2013) — http://aaemonline.org/images/wifiusa.pdf

Ipads: How Safe Are Our Children? (The Green Gazette, July-August 2013)

https://interactivepdf.uniflip.com/2/60627/289518/pub (online PDF; flip to page 4)

American Academy of Pediatrics Statement to FCC Regarding

Dangers of Wireless Technology to Children (FCC 13-84 09-03-2013)


UK doctors letter from 6 June 2013 — WiFi SSITA (click on date in URL)


Children and Cell Phones: Time To Start Talking Sense (May 2010)


Wi-Fi Electromagnetic Fields Exert Gender Related Alterations on EEG — by Christos N. Capsalis


Los Angeles Teacher’s Union, representing 40,000 teachers and other workers, passed by sweeping

majority a resolution to Ensure Safety from Hazardous Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) in Schools,

including EMF Emissions from Wireless Technology


WiFi in Schools


A classroom fitted with wi-fi means that the children and staff are exposed to constant low-level microwave radiation. A small number of people are likely to suffer symptoms like headaches as a result. Everyone is affected cumulatively by this exposure and current evidence suggests that children may be more likely to develop medical problems during childhood, as well as cancers and other serious illnesses later in life. Low-level microwave radiation has also been linked to problems with cognitive skills, particularly memory, concentration and reaction time. … Of particular significance for children are studies which indicate that children absorb more radiation in the brain than adults which may indicate a greater risk of brain tumors.

Read about the radiation exposures from wi-fi in schools… The schoolís duty of care means that wi-fi is generally inappropriate in school, where pupils and teachers are unable to choose to avoid this radiation. A wired network should be used instead; this can be practically as easy and is usually faster and more secure. BECTA, the government’s educational technology advisory agency highlights some technical problems with wireless networks, such as cost, security, speed and coverage.

Smart Meters: Correcting the Gross Misinformation (6.11.12)


Dr. Paul Dart, Eugene native, publication presented to Eugene Water & Electric Board (6.4.13):

Biological and Health Effects of Microwave Radio Frequency Transmissions:

A Review of the Research Literature



Dr. Dart: Live Video Presentations to EWEB (7.23.13)

Huge percentage increase in breast cancer demonstated in 2nd video, especially in women

in Netanya, Israel, living within a couple hundred meters of a cell tower.


Martin Pall, PhD, Portland, OR report synopsizing studies on

how EMF affects cells, and voltage-gated calcium channels



For extensive list of sites regarding WiFi in schools:



Israel: Deputy Minister of Health Says, “Rethink Wi Fi in Schools”

IPAD Danger Worse Than Cell Phone Globe & Mail, 6.5.12

Ontario Catholic Teachers Union Calls for Wi Fi Ban in Schools. March 2012

“IARC Classification of RF as Possible Class 2B Carcinogen Includes WiFi” Dr. Baan, IARC April, 2012

Second Ontario School Removes Wi Fi Due to Health Concerns (Digital Journal 10.15.11)