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Paul Dart, M.D., presentation at EWEB Board Meeting 2013

Dr. Paul Dart’s Report on the Health Effects of Microwave Radio Frequency Transmissions.

See two (30 minute) videos of Eugene native Paul Dart, M.D., at his presentation to EWEB Board attended by some members of the public 7.23.13.

(The major discussion is about cell phone towers, second part of second half is a discussion about Smart Meters and the system EWEB is considering – Sensus-USA FlexNet.

Dr. Dart with six other doctors and an engineering consultant did a review of 200 medical articles over 18 months and assembled an enlightening slide show outlining the findings of cell phone studies in many nations (but the USA is notably absent from most studies).

Notably – one study in Netanya, Israeil, found that residing within a couple hundred meters of a cell phone tower resulted in approximately a 1,000% increase in breast cancer ESPECIALLY IN WOMEN; another found an absence of baby stork birds in nests;  another discovered that by the fifth generation of mice – female mice had stopped reproducing.

(Peter Valberg, Ph.D. from Harvard also gives a presentation – he was paid $1,000 to speak. Dr. Dart was not paid.

The fourth video is the public input at EWEB meeting 8.6.13 with 18 citizens advising EWEB to NOT sign the Smart Meter contract Oct. 1, 2013. and to use the Precautionary Principle in making decisions.  They advocated for an indefinite moratorium on Smart Meters; 57 other jurisdictions have placed temporary other moratoriums on Smart Meter installation.)