Formal request for Citizen Advisory Committee – EWEB smart meter program -Lisa-Marie DiVincent

Lisa-Marie DiVincent – EWEB Public Input 11-5-13
Greetings, Commissioners, staff and citizens,
My name is Lisa-Marie DiVincent, counselor, nonviolent communication trainer, and mediator in private practice. Please recall my message last month, “Do no harm.” Let us continue to strive for that goal.
Next, I’d like to appreciate the wireless meter opt-in, making it easier for those with sufficient scientific understanding to decline a wireless smart meter on our homes or businesses, if self-employed. 
However, public and private employees don’t have that choice. To prevent scientifically proven harm to the percentage of radiation-sensitive full time employees who will be physically compromised, I request that all public and commercial buildings remain smart meter free. An exponential increasing in community education will inform employee lawsuits proving EWEB irresponsible if not negligent. You have received ample documented evidence about smart meter risks and dangers. 
In addition, the general public should not be forced to be exposed to smart meter radiation in the course of necessary activities away from home. Concerned citizens are considering maintaining an on-going list of all homes, buildings, and businesses with smart meters installed so that aware people can protect themselves accordingly. To recap: Please keep all public and commercial buildings wireless smart meter free. 
Finally, I am formally requesting a Citizen Advisory Board to provide the community with a balanced view of wireless meter pros and cons. All EWEB publicity, promotional and bill inserts, incentives, on-line and hard copy newsletters, as well as media releases regarding this topic need balance. Over the past several months, I’m disheartened to say I’ve seen a culpable lack of transparency, with biased one-sided pro-smart meter views being consistently distributed by EWEB staff. 
The failure of truly informed choice will serve as evidence in future law suits. We owe it to our community to let _them_ decide for themselves by hearing the different versions — the slant of EWEB staff and that of citizens opposed to wireless meters. A large majority of EWEB customers still lack exposure to the pros and cons that would help them decide which presentations to base their choice on. By failing to fully inform customers, the opt-in clause will not protect EWEB from future class action lawsuits. 
Despite working full time, I’ve been volunteering considerable energy towards researching and informing our community to help EWEB Do No Harm. Please let a Citizen Advisory Committee contribute to the public’s right to know instead of continuing down the contentious path of this dangerous controversy. 
Lisa-Marie DiVincent
Individual, Relationship, and Family Counselor and Mediator
Conflict Prevention and Resolution Trainer
Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication Coach
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