FCC Legally can NOT preempt Us

States Don’t Have to Comply – The Anti-Commandeering Doctrine-5G

FCC-15-25A5 Dissenting Statement of Commissioner Ajit Pai

FCC Jurisdiction in States-court case

Gregory v. Ashcroft_ The Plain Statement Rule and Judicial Supervision

State Preemption by FCC Court Case

Attached you will find several documents showing why the FCC and the federal government have no jurisdiction or authority over any of the 50 sovereign states or their cities. The FCC cannot make cities of the 50 states do anything without the states agreement.

The “states” that the FCC does have jurisdiction over are “territorial states” like Puerto Rico, Guam the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia etc..

One of the documents is the testimony of Ajit Pai the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission explaining why the FCC does not have and cannot have jurisdiction over any of the 50 sovereign states.

If you really want to know what is going on, please read these documents. key passages have been highlighted on the documents for your convenience.

These documents should be shared with the city council. city manager and city attorney as evidence that they do not have to follow any FCC rules regarding 5G.