EWEB Meeting 11/5/13 – public input by Abraham Likwornik

EWEB  Meeting 11/5/13   public input by Abraham Likwornik

It is obvious that by your vote to install so-called “smart” meters, you have given great importance to one man’s input (EWEB General Manager, Roger Gray) and have chosen to mostly ignore the information of the people of Eugene and other verbal, written and media input presented to you over the past few months.  This is unfortunate for the people of Eugene.


Each member of this board of commissioners has been given enough credible, verifiable, proof, information, and resources that would convince any prudent man or woman that these so-called “smart” meters endanger the health, safety, financial welfare, privacy and security of all the people in EWEB’s service area.  In other words, you have all been given lawful notice of the consequences of your actions.  You can not now claim ignorance of the dangers and controversy about these digital meters.  This makes each and everyone of you, in your private capacity, liable for your conduct.  You have chosen, by your vote, to act outside of your official public capacity by not following EWEB’s by-laws and environmental mandate and pl

EWEB environmental policy

Adopted by commissioners on November 4, 1997

EWEB takes responsibility for the environmental consequences of our actions..

EWEB conducts business in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner while providing our customers with safe, reliable, and responsive utility service.

We are committed to innovative, cost-effective approaches to environmental challenges, to integration of environmental considerations in all aspects of our activities, and to continual improvement of our efforts to protect and enhance the environment.

The objectives for EWEB’s environmental commitment are to:

Prevent, minimize, or mitigate the environmental impacts of EWEB’s products and services.

Safeguard human health in the conduct of our business.

Focus on pollution prevention throughout EWEB’s facilities and operations.

Therefore you no longer have the protection or immunity of your office.  By installing your first so-called “smart” meter, you will knowingly and intentionally be endangering the people, animals and the overall quality of the environment of Eugene.  In the Law, this constitutes reckless misconduct (A person is guilty of reckless misconduct when s/he does an act, or fails to do an act in violation of his/her duty with knowledge of serious danger as may be known by a reasonable man.  uslegal.com).  It will not be the owners of EWEB who will be taking on the burden of any future lawsuits, it will be you, the men of this commission.

I respectfully demand that you cease and desist all plans and activities related to so-called digital “smart” meters and that you do not purchase or install these meters on any buildings within your service area.


Abraham Likwornik, SW Eugene