Oct 02

Dr. Martin L. Pall Speaking First United Methodist Church 7 – 9 PM Thursday Oct. 18, 2018, Doors Open 6 PM

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) Science Explained: Crucial Health Implications for Families and the Environment If Smart Meter and 5G Roll-outs Continue

Here is a recent interview he gave with Dr. Mercola on August 30, 2017.

Eugene, OR talk with Questions and Answers on October 18, 2018

Here is a video of his talk in Oslo Norway: regarding the dangers of EMF in our environment.

5th Generation Wireless: Technical Revolution or Pandora’s Box?’-Dr. Pall and others spoke in Tucson, AZ, 11.17.18

Public forum, Q/A include enlightening presentations by Elizabeth Kelley, MA, Public Health Administration, Executive Director, Electromagnetic Health Alliance; Timothy Schoechle, PhD, author of Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks; Eric Windheim, BA, BBEC, EMRS, building biology environmental consultant & electromagnetic radiation consultant; tests buildings for EMF, dirty electricity.

Concerned that humanity’s collective human brain power may crash in 5-7 years, Dr. Martin Pall, PhD, warns that collectively we may not make conscientious choices soon enough to guide technology in time to save our species (for one). Of utmost concern and global threat is microwave proliferation to satiate seemingly ubiquitous wireless tech pushers & users.

He also alerts us that in the upcoming 5-7 year time frame reproductive abilities risk collapse: underway with 50% sperm decline in some countries with maximal technology use. Unfortunately, insects, including food system pollinators, and wildlife are disappearing globally, approaching wipe-out?

His challenge startling: why take risks that more or almost all children born in the future could be mutated or deformed?

Radiation can be cumulative and at some exposure junctures irreversible, Dr. Pall states in his PowerPoint whose slides were expertly edited for optimal viewing and understanding of a complex topic.

Trained in physics, genetics and biochemistry, Dr. Pall is Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State University, Dr. Pall integrates complicated issues well. He received a BA degree in Physics from Johns Hopkins University, PhD in Biochemistry and Genetics from Caltech, 2 of the top scientific institutions in the country. Understanding actions of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on body cells of requires an ability to integrate vocabulary of physics and biology. Few research scientists have education and backgrounds necessary to compile and synthesize research decades old. Wireless radiation activates Voltage Gated Calcium Channels leading to calcium imbalances and inflammation+.

We still have time to change frequency and course.

Big Wireless Telecommunications industry attempts to sell new 5G smart devices to send speedier data, ads, games, movies, via planned 5Generation communications are not consumer motivated but driven by corporate greed. And by users poorly or totally uninformed about harmful health consequences near and long term not only from exposure to less safe technology but also from addictive habits formed affecting increasing altered social behavior by numbers of children, teens, adults. 75% of kids under age 5 in some areas use a ‘smart device’. Due to higher surface to volume ratio, aqueous fluid, thinner blood-brain barrier and other factors, harm to children can be moderate to much more severe than to adults. Exposure to technology for pre-natal and post-natal babies can lead to autism, ADHD.

Governments are to blame for unleashing Pandora’s box fueled by corporate greed without a lid. AT&T, Verizon, COMCAST at fault for chasing profits instead of using frequencies and designing systems better protective of health of sentients like us, but we are not the only ones to worry about…

Regardng raging fires: Dr. Pall observes that plants, trees emit certain terpenes, gas like volatile substances attempting to protect themselves from microwave assaults from cell towers used to transmit WiFi, cell phone, Smart TV, wireless smart meter signals, satellites, other sources. More flammable foliage can trigger horrendous high heat causing intense devastating fires like seen in CA, elsewhere.