EWEB has an opt-out policy for people who don’t want a wireless digital smart meter .  Be aware that if you choose to opt-out you are entering into a new verbal or written contractual agreement with EWEB to join their Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI), which to them means that you want and agree to get a smart meter with the wireless device turned off (which, of course, could be turned on at a later date.)  So, if you opt-out, you will receive a digital meter to replace your analog meter.

What EWEB does not tell you is that you can object to getting a digital meter (see below) and that you are not required to make a new contract with them.  You can keep your old contract and your analog meter.  Just let EWEB know by writing or calling them.  Make sure you get on the list of people who don’t want any digital meters and want to keep their analog meters.  You don’t have to give them any reason.  By doing this you are giving them notice that you don’t want to contract with them to get a digital meter.

If you have already opted-out, or already have a digital meter, write to them and tell them that you didn’t have enough information to make an informed decision, and that now you want to be put on the list to have an analog meter.

Below is a compilation, from EWEB’s contract with SENSUS, the smart meter company, of what your rights are when it comes to meter installation.  The same information is Included as an attachment for your convenience.

Be SAFE not sorry.

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Appendix C – AMI Technical Specifications
Appendix C – Technical Specifications Page | 84 Customer Objection

Requirement: Installers will not proceed with Pre-Installation Inspection or AMI installation if customer objects. Installer will follow the Set-Aside protocol set forth in Appendix C – Section 8.6.1 (below).

Appendix C – AMI Technical Specifications
Appendix C – Technical Specifications Page | 87
Valued: Procedures/protocols that address situations in a manner that balances EWEB’s values of customer responsiveness and maintaining safety for installers and customers.
8.2.4 Post-Installation Notification
Requirement: At the conclusion of the installation activities at a site, Installer shall provide a written notice to remise occupants informing them of the work completed, any unusual conditions found, contact information for problems, complaints, etc.
8.3 Services for Customer Coordination and Support
Explanatory Statement: EWEB will be notifying customers of the AMI program through community outreach such as bill inserts, letters, and advertisements. Installer will be expected to handle contacts with individual customers to notify them of pending installation, schedule access to meters and respond to individual customer inquiries and complaints.

8.3.2 Advance Customer Notification – Required
Requirement: Customer’s shall receive at least one written notification of Installer’s plan to access the site for purposes of AMI installation, at least 3 calendar days, but not more than 10 calendar days in advance of planned activity.

8.3.3 Advance Customer Notification – Desired
Valued: Advanced customer contact that includes provisions for customer to contact Installer and schedule an appointment for Installer to perform installation activities, at a time of customer’s convenience.

8.3.6 Customer Response
Explanatory Statement: Customers will need a method of contacting Installer in order to respond to a request for an appointment, address meter access issues, verify installer identity, report installation problems, lodge complaints, etc.

Appendix C – AMI Technical Specifications
Appendix C – Technical Specifications Page | 89 Response Time
Requirement: The Installer must follow up within 48 hours and resolve all customer complaints relating to these meter changes unless a hazardous condition or loss of service is involved, in which case immediate response is required. Service Provision
Valued: Customer response processes most likely to enhance EWEB’s reputation as a service provider in the community.

8.6 Contingency Plans

8.6.1 Set-Aside Meters

Explanatory Statement: EWEB acknowledges that some meters, despite prescribed efforts by Installer, will not be instalable for several reasons. EWEB will negotiate with the selected Proposer the final criteria for determining Set-Asides. EWEB will be responsible to coordinate and install Set-Aside meters. EWEB will not pay Installer a fee for Set-Aside meters.

Here is the full contract if you have a few days to read it.
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