Best web sites for research

This is from Joshua Hart , who will be visiting Eugene in September 2016, see Events.
Also check what is under the “Science” tab please while you are there.

EMF Safety Network

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Micorwave News  


Dr. Paul Darts’s Videos – see two 30 minute videos of Paul Dart, M.D., presentation to Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB) 7.23.13; Dr. Dart and a team of medical doctors with the assistance of an engineering consultant also presented a 70 page report to EWEB early June, 2013, available online.

The second video shows cell phone tower studies around the world and is especially worth watching.

Also see on this site video of testimonies of EWEB ratepayer-owners Oct. 1, 2013 when EWEB Board passed the first in the nation OPT-IN rather than an OPT-OUT decision for smart meters.