BEES, BIRDS AND HUMANKIND Destroying nature by Electrosmog by Prof. Ulrich Warnke

This is the classic report from Professor Ulrich Warnke in Germany translated into English.
It was submitted to the US FCC commission.

Ulrich Warnke Report on Electrosmog

For German speaking folks , here is the original:
German Text Bienen Berecht uber Electrosmog

This is from the Summary page:

For many decades, research results showing that the natural electrical and magnetic fields and their variation are a vital precondition for the orientation and navigation of a whole range of animals, have been freely available. What has also been known to science for many decades is that we as humans depend on this natural environment for many of our vital functions.

Today, however, this natural information and functional system of humans, animals and plants has been superimposed by an unprecedented dense and energetic mesh of artificial magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic fields, generated by numerous mobile radio and wireless communication technologies. The consequences of this development have also been predicted by the critics for many decades and can now no longer be ignored. Bees and other insects disappear. Birds avoid certain areas and are disoriented in other locations. Humans suffer from functional disorders and diseases. And those that are hereditary are passed on to the next generation as existing defects.